97 km

Karen wrote a blog post a couple of days ago, which inspired me. She had calculated how many meters of yarn she has in her stash, a number easy to get, as she had just updated her entire stash on Ravelry. I have been updating my stash every time a new yarn joined my army (thank me!), so it is easy for me to get a number! Ravelry has this feature, where you can pull an Excel file of your stash with all info you have given. So, if you want to do statistics, you better give as much info on the yarns as possible!

No matter what, my stash numbers are these:
I have 117.028,9 meters of yarn stashed. Some of it has already been used, so the remaining meterage is 97.738,7 meters. It is a total of 35 kg.
Mind you, these numbers do not include yarns where I haven’t had any info on meterage, and there is an amount of (unspun as well as spun) fibres as well, of which I haven’t recorded the total meterage.

This is just a tiny bit of my stash in Ravelry.

I have already knitted 20 km of yarn! And that is within about 1½ years time. That makes for about 14 km a year, which means it will take me about 7 years to get through my stash. If I don’t stash more, that is. But then again, I need to make sure I have something to do when I retire in about 40 years time, right?