A full sun

You know that feeling, when you buy some new clothes or shoes – “I wanna wear it NOW!” ?

The same feeling I have when I am sewing or knitting something. It makes me speed up when I am almost there, which is a good thing, and it makes me happier about the finished product.

A couple of nights ago, I made a quick sewing project: I cut fabric for a full circle skirt (a full sun, in Danish (en hel sol)). Making a skirt like that is so easy (just google “circle skirt diy” or such for directions), the only problem is that I have a tendency to cut too much fabric in the middle, so the hole becomes too big!
Of course, I did it again.
I saved it by making a lining on the bias of some of the left over fabric, in which I placed a piece of elastics. Easy!

I didn’t have anyone else to act as a photographer, so this is what you get for now.
The fabric is from Ikea, btw :o)