A swap apart from all swaps

I was contacted on Ravelry by someone who wanted to buy the load of Nepal I had lying about, and didn’t know what to use for. In return, she was willing to send me a couple of skeins of Wollmeise, as her stash mainly consisted of that yarn brand. Yesterday, I picked the package up at the post office, and look what I got:

I love it! Instead of just sending me the skeins, she made the package even more fun by adding a couple of tiny Ritter Sport’s and a picture of herself. It’s almost like receiving a swap package in an organised swap, except from that I knew quite exactly what the yarn contents were.

Now my stash of Wollmeise yarns has grown a lot (I owned 3 skeins before these two came), and I just love the smell. Uhm, Wollmeise!