Advent calendar

In Nørregade, just opposite the Vor Frue Kirke in Copenhagen, there is this shop which has everything you don’t need, but want anyway. Really – they have filled the room with beautiful, functional items, expensive as well, and you feel like you couldn’t live without them!

Now, I am usually not allowed to go in there, because on my budget it just hurts to find something I want but can’t have. But just this once I went in there to browse their Christmas season gadgets, to see what kind of stuff they’ve invented this year.

Do you know about chocolate advent calendars? I’m not sure how wide spread knowledge of those is, but in Europe (and Denmark and Germany in particular) the trend is HUGE. Every chocolate merchant with selfrespect has a calendar of some sort with 24 or 25 little doors with chocolate behind each of them. Lately, also the gourmet chocolatiers have started participating in the Christmas rush, so now a Danish brand for Chocolate connoiseurs, Summerbird, has made a calender as well (containing 2×24 pieces of chocolate – that’s 2 for each day!). By the way, I’m wishing for that one ;o)

Anyway, I was in Notre Dame, the shop with all the beautiful things, and there my eye fell upon this one:

An advent calendar! Notice all the small numbers on the little images – they are placed in random order so you have to look for today’s image. AND, it is a chocolate one, just look at the back:

If only seen from this side, they look like weird little pills. Good ones, to eat at breakfast each day ;o)