My brother and his girlfriend, and the twins, were visiting me at the end of last week, because I got my degree.

They brought me a little present :o)
Or well, it’s not small, about the size of 5 bricks I guess.. And it weighs the same!

Claus Meyer’s “Almanak” – a newly published cook book I knew existed, but I hadn’t taken a good look at it, as I know me – if I looked at it I would want it big time.
So, my brother actually once again knows me too well! Even before I realised I wished for this book, he has already given me it.

It contains recipes for food appropriate for the time of year, meals and beverages and all that goes with it. Also, it includes lots of tips on how to use the resources given by the (Danish) nature during the year – for instance when to pick nettles, when to gather birch sap and the like. Things of which I haven’t seen this elaborate descriptions in other books, and things that amaze me – did you know that there actually are edible greens out there in February?

I think Claus Meyer has outdone himself.
Thank you, favorite brother and favorite sister-in-law!