Almost done

Soon I hope to be Master of Arts in Information Technology and Cognition! Sounds fancy, but I don’t think it is as fancy as it sounds, though.

I turned in that thesis I’ve been working on for the past almost year or so. Thursday evening I decided I was done, Friday morning I went to a printing guy (for those in Copenhagen who need something printet – Design og Tryk on Amagerbrogade 122 is the most amazing printer you can find. He’s quick, he can most often help you straight away, he’s a pro and very very cheap. So please, use him as your printing guy for everything you can think of!). It took about half an hour, then I was standing in the street again, and off to turn in that darn thing! Then I went to the University to turn it in.

I hadn’t brought my camera. On purpose. But my always-finding-solutions-Julie thought of my iPhone cam and insisted on taking pictures, so here are some:

The famous candy you get when you turn in your thesis:

And, the thesis, with the “Confidential” stamp on it:

Anyway, thesis turned in! Now I just have to wait until the final exam.

My girls wanted to celebrate with me, so Saturday we went out to drink Gløgg at R’s Vinbar, a pretty fancy wine bar. As always, we had loads of fun, even when taking a group photo:

The camera was kinda out of control here. It took 10 shots in a row. Good thing, ’cause that made people look a lot less posing and brought on some genuine smiles!

After the gløgg, we went to Dalle Valle, a café that serves food for half the price on Saturday evenings and has an offer on cocktails if you linger for a while longer. No problem for us!

Aren’t my girls beautiful?

More pictures in my Picasa album.