The second part of my amaryllis is blooming!

This time, it didn’t break, so I have a beautiful plant sitting on the window sill. It’s enormous. The stem measures 74cm/29″ from bulb to flower.

The other night it actually fell down, but the heater beneath the window caught it, breaking the pot but not the flower stem. The flowers got a bit bruised here and there, but you won’t see it unless you know it :o)

Also, there is still something weird going on with this plant:

2 extra flowers on their way?!
I must say this plant is worth every penny of the deadly cheap 39 kr. it cost. That’s like $7, or £4. First, the stem breaks, but it still produces 4 amazing flowers when I put the stem in water – and, a new stem appears! Now, this one is providing no less than 6 flowers. Does this mean we have to revise the name commonly given in Denmark, “the 4 corners of the world”? Or, are there really 6 corners?

No matter what, it is beautiful.