Amaryllis surprise

A couple of years ago I opened my eyes to discover something that since then has become a January “tradition” for me: the amaryllis. These bulbs are cheap in early January, and their amazing flowers make the whole world seem a lot brighter.

This year, I had bought myself an amaryllis once again. It went very well, growing and growing, until one day I came home from work and found the long stalk broken at the base! I was disappointed, but chose to set it in a vase instead, hoping the flowers would still come out. The bulb with a couple of leaves I just left where it stood (lazy me).

After a loooong weekend where I wasn’t home, I came home to a surprise: another stalk has started growing! It has a large bud, and it keeps growing. So, actually this bulb has given me two amaryllis flowers!

Now I’m just waiting to see them come out, first one, then the other.