Autumnal knitting

I imagine that every knitter in a climate like the one in the Nordic countries gets this specific feeling as soon as the temperatures drop, the wind starts blowing colder and the trees lose their leaves: I got to get knitting!

This year, as we haven’t had a really summer-y summer in Denmark, I thought I wouldn’t really get in the “mood”. But then the autumn weather started, and suddenly I had this craving to knit warm stuff – large cowls and shawls, mittens and gloves, large sweaters and cardigans, and socks!

The first FO, a quick knit and oh so effective: a set of wrist warmers.

The inspiration came from another knitter on Ravelry, Carro, who had seen an easy pattern in a German magazine. I made my own, using her notes, and modifying them just a tiny bit to my preferences (the tubular cast on and stuff like that – you know me!). You can see my project page here, where you can also see my notes on them.

And I cast on a pair of socks – in Autumn colors, of course. They will be “I am inventing the design along the way”-socks, as I am too bored by ordinary, plain ones, and I couldn’t decide on an existing pattern. They will be great.