B-day celebration

This weekend I celebrated my b-day with my family. It was a very lovely weekend, with cake, of course:

Cake facts:

  • The usual cake layers
  • One layer of rhubarb fromage
  • One layer of chocolate mousse (with a lot of chocolate!)
  • Buttercream icing with lots of white chocolate in it
  • White fondant
  • A bit of royal icing and a border of blueberries – and lots of blueberries + cherries on top.

What I got for my b-day this year:

  • heart shaped medallion with pictures of my lovely girls in it
  • gift certificate for a plane cockpit visit
  • gift certificate to LYS Sommerfuglen
  • money to use on any hobby I like (I have already ordered some knitting needles, some yarn, and some espresso stuff)
  • knitting book about fair isle (changed for a book about knitting edgings instead)
  • a cup holder for my bike
  • a chocolate flower (that smells like chocolate)
  • a fleece blanket with strawberries on it – to use when picknicking in the desert
  • a thermometer for when I’m frothing milk on my beloved Gaggia
  • a knock box, also for Gaggia, which is still in the making..
  • and of course a lovely bouquet of flowers from mom’s garden

Pics of some of the gifts: