Baggy for the Kicky

Now that I got my Sidekick, and it is a portable wheel – I was thinking I wanted a bag for it as well. All fine and well with the strap you can attach to it, but what if I want it to have a bit of padding and protection?

I had lots of ideas, so on a Sunday morning I began.

I drew a pattern, and made all the pieces symmetrical.

Then I cut it all out – and cut out the pattern pieces in the fabric I wanted, a lining fabric and the soft squooshy stuff used as padding in quilting (I don’t know the name of it). Then I sewed the padding on the lining, before joining the pieces. (just an afterthought – I could probably have saved a lot of time by buying a cheap already made quilt and cut it up. Let’s remember that for the next time!)

I had to see a couple of times if it still fitted!

And then the documentation kind of halted, I guess I was too busy working on it.. Basically I put in the bottom and prepared the outer fabric as well, including a lot of last minute thingies like a pouch on the outside and a zipper which I wanted to be kind of invisible and include both lining and outer fabric.. Well, in the end, the result:

The top flap closes up and around it:

And it fits really snuggly:

I added a (padded) strap as well. My original plan included holes at the side where the original carrying strap can be placed, but making an entirely closed bag like this made that complicated.

All in all – a nice bag (and I loooooove the starry fabric!), it’s even almost comfortable to drag it along now :) Yay!

It only took me like.. 17 hours or so, with almost no breaks. That’s a bargain, don’t ya think? ;)

Now I only need to make  a button hole or such on the pocket in front and find a nice button. If I have the energy, that is.. Knowing me, that button and button hole is not going to happen in the near future!