Birthday-strawberry-bavarois-cake, chocolate biscuits and Multi Sander

I was at my mom’s yesterday to celebrate my birthday – my dad and his girlfriend came, too.
Birthday CakeMy mom had made this most extraordinarily wonderful cake (click on the picture to enlarge, arrow to shift to the next):

I was so impressed (even though I knew that of course mom could make a cake like this, I just didn’t expect it), and it tasted fantastic!

My dad gave me a birthday present: a Black & Decker KA270K Multi Sander (picture here). It is a fantastic tool and perfect for preparing my doors etc. before painting them white, which I’ve wanted to do for the last year. Now I can see it coming, ’cause this tool makes it even fun to do that kind of work! I’m not going to volunteer for work elsewhere, though, I think I’ve got enough woodwork at my own place.. ;o)

Mom’s birthday present is unfortunately at the post office for the moment, she said she ordered me a book and a cd. I’ll update on that later on, when I’ve been at the post office to get it :o)

On top of it all, when I was about to leave mom gave me another little present. She had been in London for a garden fair (a huge one which runs every year, I don’t remember what it’s called), and had (desperately) looked for a book store where she could buy the book she wanted to give me. When she didn’t succeed in that, she saw this box at the airport, which she bought for me (click on the picture to enlarge, arrow to shift to the next):

Harrods chocolate-coffee biscuits

Isn’t that lovely? The biscuits taste good, too, so I’m very happy :o)
And, as mom noted, the box can be used for spaghetti afterwards. And that is just what I’m going to do!


It was a fantastic post-birthday-birthday, and the 4th time I’ve celebrated my birthday this year – it is very nice to feel special so many times in a row!