Being busy

Once again, I have been too busy to blog. And once again, that results in having too many things to tell about!

Well, for now, I can tell that I have (finally) pulled myself together to go to Østerlandsk Thehus to get my fave coffee, Alberto Verani. I’ve missed that one! And, on the way, I passed by Riccos kaffebar and got some Monin Chocolate Syrup. So as I’m writing this, I am drinking a wonderful latte made on Gaggia with Alberto, using organic Letmælk from Thise Mejeri. And, a little squeeze of Chocolate Syrup! This combo almost can’t be better :o)

I also need to tell that I am doing fine with my thesis at the moment – at least it feels like I’m doing fine ;o)
I had a really good chat with my superviser on Wednesday, and recently I really want to work on it, as opposed to having to pull myself together to get started each time. It’s really getting interesting, and I so look forward to the result!