Blakeslee Tee progress update

I so very much wanted to show you all how far I got on the Blakeslee Tee test knit, which I have hated for some weeks but now love again.

It’s not the most flattering img (don’t look at the hair and lacking makeup, haha, now I made you look, right?), but I just had to show you how it looks when I’m wearing it! As you see, I do have to knit some more rows to make it long enough. As you can perhaps see in this img, I have done a very radical waist shaping. Emily’s directions are for a very limited amount of decreases, but I am doing a lot of decreases quickly after each other and then increases again as I get below the waistline.

Can you imagine that I got to almost this point 2 weeks ago, and then unraveled the thing until just below the armholes? (12.09.2010, only documented on Ravelry. I hated it.) I can’t believe it myself. It must’ve been a moment of sudden craziness.

I was once more looking at Emily’s fantastic FO photos of this one, and realised that the colors she had used, Natural and Boticelli Red Malabrigo Sock, are the same ones I bought in London! I love her combo a lot. I was thinking, just after I started with the Araucania, that I would have loved to do this one in blue and white, just using the Impressionist Sky instead of Emily’s Boticelli Red. At that time I just didn’t have a natural / white fingering yarn at hand.. Turns out I must be a sucker for colors, as I don’t really have white / natural yarns in my stash. I only bought the Malabrigo because I was thinking about handdyeing it myself!

Now I will return to thesis writing, so I can earn some good conscious filled time to work very rapidly on the Blakeslee. I want it done! I want to wear it! And, I want to work on (and finish) my Buttony sweater as well. I wish I had more hours in a day (or that I didn’t feel the need to sleep the 8 of them!).