Bottom of the Sea

Finished: IntSweMoDo2011 #2!

I have finally finished the Talamh sweater; Bottom of the Sea, as I call it. “Talamh” is Gaelic for earth/ground, and my chosen yarn is blue/turquoise, the color of the sea . This cardi is almost entirely British; the designer, Carol Feller, lives in Ireland; the dyer of the yarn, Debbie Orr, lives in southern England. The yarn is Skein Queen Blush (a sport weight 80% merino 20% cashmere), and I have chosen to use the colorways Teal (the lighter one) and Cape Cod (the darker one), which I bought at Loop when I was in London last fall. The buttons are from my favorite button/ribbon shop though: Handler in central Copenhagen.

This project has been in the making since the middle of November last year, and finishing it took exactly 2 months due to other (more pressing) projects getting in the way. The Deep Waffle Stitch pattern is amazing, and I sure understand why Carol wanted to build up a whole pattern booklet around it! The stitch is highly addictive, so easy to memorize and I think it was very clever of Carol to add it along the button bands of the cardigan, as it makes the more boring stockinette part a bit more interesting to do.

I did lengthen the cardi a little bit; just as much as one repeat of the stitch pattern for the body, and about 4cm on the sleeves. Luckily I did have yarn enough! To begin with I was doubting there would be enough, and I did have to combine these two colorways, as I only had one skein of the light color and two skeins of the darker color. I guess I was thinking about something stripey when I bought it..

The garment grew quite a lot when I blocked it – I don’t really know why, as I didn’t really stretch it, I only pinned out the waffle stitch pattern. It fits alright though, as it was a bit on the snug side when I had cast off. It has grown quite a lot in length, which isn’t a problem, I just hadn’t anticipated it :o)

See Bottom of the Sea on my Ravelry project page :o)

P.S. I’m pretty proud of myself, having taken the pictures entirely without help from others. Hurray for auto release on my dear cam!