Brunkager & Pebernødder

Yesterday evening, Julie and I had a date. Julie had to make dough for brunkager, which she and her mom are baking this weekend, and somehow the idea of baking pebernødder came up, so that’s what we did.

Pebernødder hasn’t gotten an English equivalent – at least not according to my dictionary. For those who wonder what the word may contain, pebernødder are tiny spiced cookies, which in Denmark are eaten around Christmas. The name literally means “pepper nuts”, as they are the size of nuts and contain some pepper among other spices.

Well, Julie and I used a predefined spice blend, but added a good teaspoon of white pepper. Spices make up this kind of baking, so we don’t want to hold back ;o)

The result was yummie spicy cookies, with a significant taste of salt and pepper (we used some coarse salt, and the extra pepper did its thing!). They are GOOD!

The rest of the evening included knitting, sewing, eating pebernødder, drinking port and tea, and lots of chatting. And, there are lots of pebernødder left.