Camomille tea with Coffee cream

Finishing the Camomille which was destined to be a birthday gift, I was aching to make one for myself. Going for a short trip to Germany, which involved 2x 1,5 hours of plane travelling, I found it the perfect moment to start a new one for myself!

My knitting friend Lisbeth saved me by providing the perfect yarn at the very last moment. She picked me up at the train station Sunday evening, bringing the two colors of yarn I had been considering but couldn’t choose between. Together we decided on the one called “kaffefløde” (coffee cream), as it was most resembling the natural/undyed color I had been thinking of.

And so I started the knitting Monday morning, just before I went to work!

I finished the shawl body Thursday, and began the lace edge straight away. Saturday evening I was completely done, crocheted edge and tassels and all!

I decided to sleep in my bed that night and wait with blocking the shawl until Sunday morning. Which was a pretty good decision, as blocking with the warm sun through the window is a matter of an hour or so!

The shawl grew quite a bit. It got an extra 14cm along the center edge, the upper edge grew with 30cm, and the lace edge grew an amazing 70cm in length. And it is perfect for summer! Light and airy – and warm when needed. With the tassels on 25cm strings it can be wrapped around the shoulders and body as well.

If you want to see more technical knitting details, you can see them on my Ravelry project page.