Chocolate festival 2011

Yesterday was the yearly Chocolate festival in Copenhagen, organised by Chokoladeselskabet (the Chocolate community in Denmark – a community created to spread the knowledge of good quality chocolate).

As a member, of course I went – as a member you get in for free, and I did have to take a look at it of course :o)
This year I think it has grown enormous. It was a lot bigger than last year, and there were people everywhere! Long queues to many of the places where free samples were given, and people crowding to see everything. It was held in Tap 1, a part of the old Carlsberg brewery, and I think the place was perfect, as it provided lots of space and good lighting.

Some pics:

And the loot:

From left to right, top row: A nougat easter egg from Boyesen Chokolade, a nougat filled easter egg from Valrhona, a nougat filled easter egg from Neuhaus, an easter egg with marzipan base and lemoncurd filling from Xocolatl.
From left to right, bottom row: a white chocolate truffle with lime from Ro Chokolade, a piece with buckthorn from Svaneke Chokolade (Bornholm), a piece with Jasmin tea from Xocolatl, and a little flødebolle with raspberry filling, also from Xocolatl.

Everything tasted amazing, as usual. Am I glad I didn’t bring so much money, else I would’ve bought tons!

If you want to see more pictures, see my Picasa album.