Christmas 2010

The Christmas days just came and went. Pretty quickly, I think! Usually I find those days dragging along, but this year was different. Good company, I suppose :o)

We celebrated at my Mom’s, my brother, Mom and I, and her partner and his sons and their mother. A house full of people!
We had fun during the days, doing all sorts of activities such as games and folding Christmas stars:

I must admit I started it, I wanted some decorations on the gifts from me I found looked too boring. Went very very well ;o)

My brother and I made the meal on Christmas Eve – very Danish food, Flæskesteg with all that comes with it. We had fun preparing it, although we had a bit of a difference in opinion of how to prepare that pork roast. Bro won the rock-paper-scissors rounds to decide who could have the last say, so we went with his way of doing it – putting a tiny bit of vinegar on the svær, which supposedly should make them more crispy, and not boiling the svær to start with. It went very well, so I guess it was meant to be ;o)

We had put a restriction on Christmas gifts this year; a maximum of 50DKK/€7 per person. It was pretty hard to keep that limit, and I think several people went over it, but still the presents were limited in size. Which is amazing, as we each got pretty good gifts anyway – and the pile of presents was huge!

These are the presents I got:

Yes, I wished for candles. And I am very happy with all those I got – no need for buying any candles myself for a looooong time, and those picked out by the gift givers are very pretty! I love the rustique look.
Those little cake-shaped thingies are small boxes. Mom found them, and the reason why it is a perfect gift is clear for everyone in my Mom’s family, I hope: Oma (grandma) has a box like this on the window sill in the kitchen, containing rubber bands etc., and it has been there for as long as I remember. So, this is a very precious gift :o)
And the doggie calendar – I had been thinking about buying that myself, but then Mom already had it and wanted me to have it. Hurray! Cute little doggies! They’re going to join me at the office, when I start my new job at the beginning og January.

The best thing I got from my brother though: A pair of sheep skin slippers! I have wished for those, but didn’t put them on my list this time. Clever and sweet brother I have ;o) – also, they were red, and so pretty. And they are the same as the slippers his girlfriend and her twin boys have (tiny tiny red sheep skin slippers, hee hee – I’ve got to get a picture of those next time I visit them!).

This year was a very very white Christmas. So white, that people all over the country (and I guess all of Northern Europe) had trouble reaching their Christmas destinations. Like, this white:

That’s the road to my Mom’s house covered in man-high snow! The snow plough had plainly given up on keeping this end of the road clear. Luckily the other end of the road was cleared, so everyone on the street (5 houses) could get out. But look at how much snow just outside the house:

The house is on the right, not visible in the photo.

But you know, we just had lots of fun with the snow!