Christmas candles

The countdown to Christmas eve isn’t really complete without a calendar of some sort, as I have written on this blog earlier. So Randi and I went to the biggest supermarket we could find (Bilka), and bought a calendar candle on sale! There weren’t many different kinds to choose from, and with Randi’s demand that it should be a stearin candle rather than a wax candle of some sort, there were even less. To be exact, there was ONE kind! The good thing about that one, in my opinion, was that it just was a plain white candle with numbers on it in either gold, silver, or red. None of the frilly stuff with angels and Christmas trees and music notes and nisser, I can never decide which one of those I like best (I find them each ugly, I guess). So, one of those candles went home with each of us!

I’ve got to catch up though.