Color Affection

I love colors, as so many people do. And when Veera Välimäki showed off her newest design Color Affection, I couldn’t stop jumping up and down!

She has something with stripes and short rows – as seen in Stripe Study and Different Lines. It looks amazing, but none of those two really caught my interest completely. But Color Affection did, because of its shape and size, and because it looks kind of daunting and easy at the same time. I wondered what the secret was!

To begin with, the pattern is only sold in a kit from The Plucky Knitter. And I joined in “the update that shall not be spoken of”, aka the update on December 31st, where the new Plucky webshop went down completely by the hordes of knitters wanting a kit. I was lucky, I got (a) kit(s).

So, 1½ weeks ago Veera sent me the Color Affection pattern, so I could place it in my Ravelry Library. And of course, I couldn’t help finding yarn and casting on, even though the Plucky kit hasn’t even shipped yet!

It took me 3 days to choose the right color combination, another 6 days to knit it. And this is the result:

Stripey goodness!

Stripes combined with short rows = dangerously addictive. And combined with garter = dangerously easy.

The yarn I chose is Socktopus Sokkusu Sock in Summer Crush (the pink), Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in natural, and Sundara Sock in Fire Studies #182 (the dark red). The last one bled a bit while I soaked the shawl, but not as much as anticipated – afterwards, I’m pretty sure all that excess dye just went directly to the natural Baby Alpaca Silk, as the stripes adjoining the dark red ones have all gotten a light pink shade instead. No worries – it actually looks good!

More of the technical info (along with a lot of calculations for yarn usage etc.) on my Ravelry project page.