Countdown to Christmas

Happy 1st of December!

It’s a big thing – only 24 more days to go before it is Christmas :oD

I can count to other important days; 17 days until.. 31 days until.. For those who haven’t guessed it yet, there will be updates!

Being the 1st of December, focus is on the countdown. That’s fun – we have candles, calendars, chocolate calendars, even gift calendars with a little gift each day! I’m not possessing any of those – except for my super special chocolate calendar, of course. Today’s little chocolate was orange! Tomorrow my dear friend Randi and I will go shopping for a good calendar candle and perhaps another chocolate calendar, if we can find some good ones. We’re hoping the stuff is on sale already – you never know!

Until then, another candle will burn this evening, making the 1st day of December cozy :o)