Dreaming in the color of Betty Draper’s Blues

Ever since Jhocy made a cardigan in MadTosh Pashmina, I have been hooked on that yarn. Jhocy kept talking about it – and I started dreaming! Stalking several web shops and the Madelinetosh website, one specific color caught my eye: Betty Draper’s Blues! Being a Mad Men fan, loving blue, and loving Betty Draper (she’s so perfect but then again soooo NOT perfect), this colorway and me are meant to be.

So, my excuse was to give myself a gift as soon as I had finished my thesis. As this yarn was not available anywhere in Europe (as far as I could see), I would have to buy it directly from the US. I knew that Loop in London was getting it, but their price was sky high, and I was just too impatient to wait!

So, on the 18th of December, at made an order at Happy Knits for a cardigan amount of Pashmina yarn in just that specific colorway. Taking advantage of the postage, I decided I could just as well try another yarn I have been looking at for a while: Dream In Color (DIC) Starry; their Smooshy sock yarn, but with a thin thread of silver spun into it, so it has tiny tiny stars. I decided on a blue colorway, thinking I could combine it with another blue yarn I have (perhaps even the MadTosh Pashmina). The initially wanted colorway turned out no longer to be in stock, but I was notified of that straight away and decided on another blue.  The service was very quick and professional!

So, when I finally got to pick up the package at the post office (full time work makes for much less chances to go to the post office!), came home and unpacked it, this was what met my eye:

PURE luxury! Ain’t I lucky?

I LOVE receiving such a package! There was even a little Happy Knits notebook enclosed, and a hand written note. And, a little sample of Malabrigo Rios in the colorway Azul Profundo. I think it goes without saying that that is also a yummie yummie yarn.

What to make of Betty Draper’s yarn now? It’s destined to become a little cardigan, I think. And perhaps a 1950s inspired pattern – just to stay true to the connotations of the colorway. Any suggestions?