Dubai 1.2

I went to the local centre Sunday morning to drink coffee with Jackie, one of the Ravelry girls. Shakespeare’s, our meeting point, was easy to find, just next to the supermarket where we stop by almost every day. I actually got to asking a whole table of ladies whether one of them was named Jackie (they did offer me a seat and laughed a bit – if I hadn’t had a date already I could easily have joined them!), until I spotted someone who was knitting – what a nice and easy way to recognize each other! We had a really nice time, talking about knitting and yarn and Dubai and lots of stuff – I’m very very happy to have met one of the knitting girls already, so I won’t be looking completely stupid in the Mirdiff City Centre next Friday! And I’m very much looking forward to that meeting, if the rest are just half as nice as Jackie it’ll be a blast!

After the coffee and knitting I decided to go to THE LYS (Local Yarn Shop) in Dubai; Craft land, in the Jumeira Town Centre. It was a bit of a ride (about 30mins), but I also took the Jumeira Beach Road, which has lots of speed bumps, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights. On the way home I took the Sheikh Zayed Rd, a highway which only has a lot of exits (I accidentally got of at the Mall of the Emirates and got kinda lost in their parking lot, haha!).

The yarn shop: well, I had been warned about it not being such a yarn-y yarn shop, it’s more of a quilting shop. But I still hoped – and got dissappointed.. The yarn was mostly cotton, som linnen, a bit of acrylic stuff and a bit of wool. Not much at all! I have looked thouroughly at it all, but didn’t find anything I liked particularly. Dissappointed me went home again (and got lost on the way, haha – just can’t forget that trip through the Mall’s parking lot!). I’m finding it a really good excuse to bring yarn from home, next time I’m going to Dubai..