Dubai 2.0: Cruising the Dubai Creek

I have been blogging too little about my second Dubai trip (which is in progress), so here comes a little.

Yesterday we went to downtown Bur Dubai with the purpose of finding a boat to take us on a tour on the Dubai Creek. We had been reading about dinner cruises and such, but we weren’t sure how that would work out and actually mostly wanted to just go for a little boat ride to see the city from the water.

I had been warned, but still the traffic down there caught us by surprise. It took us soo long to get to the water, there were so many cars and buses on such little space! Finally we found it and luckily also a parking spot, put some coins in the parking meter and went on to the water.

We started walking along the waterfront, but actually turned out to get through “Tourist Hell” as some people call it – lots of little shops selling mostly textiles and such, and sellers everywhere who were trying to get us persuaded to just take a look at their pashmina shawls etc. They were mostly directed at me, and I felt like coming back to India – they had approximately the same goods, and they were just as pushy! Wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out most of them were actually Indians.. So, we kinda hurried through, even though I wouldn’t have minded looking around a bit.

Turned out we ended up at the Bur Dubai station for the water buses and water taxis, small wooden boats with a bench which were very very full every time one boat took of for another station!

I found a picture on the web (linking to the source):

We didn’t really feel like a boat ride like that, mostly because we weren’t out to just being transported to another place, more on a touristy mission. But there was this taxi “driver” who offered to take us down to the most southern part of the creek and back again, and we decided to take his offer without haggling (he probably ripped us off big time, but hey, we didn’t really care at that point).

We were there at about 7pm I think, so the sun was setting when we got on the boat and the whole ride down to the Floating Bridge (which we couldn’t get past – surprise! Bridge is floating, you see..) we had the sight of a lighted city, while our ride back was in the dark. Quite an experience, pretty fun to see all those buildings in daylight/twilight AND in the dark, we passed along the Sheik’s house (really really big – and actually we could only see a high fence, nothing more!), and we saw a lot of fishing boats and those dinner cruise boats. We were wondering where they prepare the food in those, does anyone know? They aren’t so big, and we couldn’t see a kitchen or the space for it..

Unfortunately I forgot my cam – too bad, even our “chauffeur” on the boat was asking to take a picture of us..

Back on shore we passed through “Tourist Hell” again, heehee, I got to get back there at some point with some girls who don’t mind it.