Dubai 2.2: Mint lemonade

I LOOOVE mint lemonade, like you can order it on any restaurant and most cafés in Dubai! It is so very refreshing, and it quenches the thirst so much better than fizzly soft drinks.

So, I decided to make it myself, as I want to be able to drink it any day, any time, without having to drive to the nearest café and pay 28 dirhams for a portion..

I have done a lot of googling, without really finding the right recipe. I must admit I haven’t tried them, but for my eye they just looked not completely right :oD I encountered recipes where whole limes were blended, or with spoons of sugar, or with just a tiny bit of mint.. I was thinking that spoons of sugar are not guaranteed to dissolve completely in this drink without stirring a lot, and I don’t want that, lazy me.

So, I started making sugar syrup:

Then, lining up the goodies:

Blending, and final result: Yummieness!

The recipe:

You need:

  • make a sugar syrup of a lot of sugar and a bit water, heating it on the stove while stirring a whole lot. It doesn’t have to boil or get really hot, the heat just helps the sugar dissolve. I used about ½kg sugar and perhaps 2dl water, and when cooled off I put it in bottles and in the fridge – then I have it at hand every time I want to make myself a lemonade :o)
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice. For one lemonade, I used one lemon, cutting it in half and using a spoon to get as much of the lovely juice and bits out. The flesh doesn’t matter, it will be shredded to nothing in the blender.
  • Mint leaves, a little handfull.
  • Ice cubes
  • A little bit of water, just enough to make it easier for the blender to mix it all.

Put all of this in a blender and blend well – until the ice cubes are crushed and the mint is blended to tiny pieces. If you like you can omit the syrup at this point and add it later while tasting, remembering to stir every time you add some more. Don’t be alarmed if this drink needs a lot of the syrup (depending on how strong you made that in the first place) – remember you put a whole lemon worth of juice in to start with!