Fading colors

I have always been a sucker for colors that fade – blame it on my anthroposophical upbringing or just my general love for and fascination by colors! I love rainbows and colors that fade into each other, which makes me love the colors of Kauni yarn, even though I’m not that big a fan of the yarn quality itself.

When at Knit Nation, I bought this set of dyeing powders and a book with instructions. In the book there was a suggestion to divide a skein of yarn into 5 smaller hanks, then dye them so that the color intensity would change. Simple, as it was just the case of putting one little hank in a large pan with water and dye, let it soak for 5 minutes, then add the next, let it soak for 5 minutes, etc. That way, the first of the hanks gets to soak for 25 minutes, and thus soak up a lot of dye, while the last hank only gets 5 minutes and thus only a hint of the color.

See what happens?

I was afraid the last hank would get too little color, but in the end it has turned out great. And I just LOVE the result! I keep looking at it, and I really want to make something of it that lasts.