As a knitter, I have (accidentally) done the unthinkable! I felted a garment I have been working on for ages.

Well, actually, I just didn’t think. Other than “oh, sock yarn, in with the rest”! My favorite socks which are knitted in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock are fine when they’ve had a wash with all the other colored clothing, no problem there. And, I knew that the Malabrigo Sock is supposed to be superwash, so I reckoned that wouldn’t be a problem either. In my recklessness I forgot about the Araucania Ranco – that yarn felts like ****!

So, when I pulled it out of the washing machine, I could immediately feel that the fabric was a lot thicker than before it came in. Uh oh.. Not wanting to admit defeat, I just stretched the garment in all directions, mostly in length, before I laid it to dry. I even tried it on (it wet state!), just to see whether it was still possible to squeeze my body in it! I have been sooooo lucky, ’cause in the end the fabric has just become a bit more dense. The tee still fits. Hurray!

Here you can see the difference in the stitch definition:



You see the difference?
(No, the colors didn’t become more dull, that’s just the light)