Yesterday, I met up with a subset of the Copenhagen Knitters group, for what we called a “gramseparty”. I don’t really know if that name is translatable, as it has a double meaning in Danish – which I will not try to explain here!
In short, it was just about showing off some yarns which are hard to lay your hands on in Denmark, so that others could be inspired and could see what the famous Wollmeise is all about..

There was a lot of yarn, and a lot of coziness – and lots of cake, as usual!

I think many got inspired by the yummie yarns, so I guess there will be some additions to stashes soon. Also, there was a little bit of trading, but just a tad. Though enough to make Nanna suggest a yarn trading day soon!

Kirsten had brought home made buttons:

Most of the time was spent knitting and chatting. I know it sounds boring for most non-knitters, but it is really fun! Actually people don’t even get done much on their knitting projects – more time is spent chatting with others and eating cake. Just like an ordinary weekend day where you meet up with other people, don’t you think?

Oh yeah, and some proof, in case anyone still doesn’t believe I can knit:


More pictures in the Picasa album!