Great great great granny

Wednesday I should have been on a crochet course, which was an evening we arranged in Copenhagen Knitters on Ravelry, to make it possible for non-crocheters who wanted to see what it was about to try it out. Unfortunately I couldn’t come, so I missed the course.

But, anyway, some crocheting is simple enough to find out yourself, using the internet and various tutorials. In this case, I have been dreaming about a crocheted Granny Square blanket for some time, and suddenly I realised that hey – I could do that, one huge Granny Square!

So, I bought 10 skeins of Hjertegarn Cotton nr. 8 in a lot of colors, combined them with the colors I already have at home, and suddenly had a pretty rainbow-like wheel of yarn!

So far, in one evening, I have crocheted a blanket of the size 30x30cm. That went quickly! I do know though, that it is as it is with lace shawls; the further you get, the longer a round takes.

You can follow the progress of the Great Granny Blanket on my project page on Ravelry (open for non-Ravelers too!).