Halloween is my Oma’s birthday

Today is a special day, for various reasons. It’s Halloween, everyone knows that; but apart from that, it’s my Oma’s birthday. She is turning 92 this year.

Oma was the one who learnt me to knit. She is very creative, and I feel very proud to be a granddaughter of hers, and knitting! Apart from creativity, she is also sweet, has lots of stories, an cherishes her large family. She has 3 children, 10 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. At gatherings like her birthday, we are often almost 30 people, just her nearest family. I daresay every single one of her children and grandchildren have learned something from her, be it not a specific thing, then at least a view of the world. She has always encouraged everyone in their doings, showing great interest.

This year, I am not able to come to her birthday, as there were too many meetings and such planned just around this weekend. She lives quite a distance from here, so I would have to take at least 3 days out of the calendar to join. My aunt and uncle have a great day planned; coffee and cake, going for a walk, soup for dinner. It’s what suits my family, and everyone gets to see each other. I am sorry not to be there, but I am thinking about them and participating from a distance of about 650 km!

As a great coincidence, it turned out that some of the knitters in the Copenhagen Knitters group on Ravelry wanted to host a Halloween knitting afternoon. So, I’m going knitting! I am bringing a lemon pie, of which I got the recipe from Oma a couple of years ago.

It’s all more or less a coincidence, as I had not been thinking about the links before today: It’s Oma’s birthday, and I am going knitting (which she taught me), bringing the lemon pie she gave me the recipe of. Hurray! Congratulations, lieve Oma :o)