Her Fearful Symmetry

I just read this book.

I loved Niffenegger’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, I have actually read it twice (which doesn’t happen often). “Her Fearful Symmetry” was one of the books I bought on impulse when I was in Edinburgh earlier this year, and which I didn’t have time to read before now.

The story started nice and easy, but soon there were passages about ghosts and the like, so I stopped reading the book just before bedtime (I’m te type of person who is very prone to dreaming about ghosts etc.; that’s one of the reasons I don’t watch horror movies!). And as just before bedtime is the only moment where I feel free to read fiction, my progress on this one kinda stopped.

What kept me with this book was that the story plays around Highgate Cemetary – a place I visited when I was in London some weeks ago. I was a bit fascinated by the coincidence (I bought the book months ago, and visiting Highgate Cemetary was decided in a whim when I read about it in a guide book).

I brought it to my mom’s this weekend, and did some reading there. I found out that the ghost stories weren’t as horrible as I was thinking, so I started reading just before bedtime again. And I actually spent some half nights reading! This story has the same qualities as “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. I loved it. I would read it again.

Now, I would actually like to go back to Highgate Cemetary and take the tour in the West area of the Cemetary, instead of just walking around in the East area.

You can read about “Her Fearful Symmetry” on Wikipedia – but be warned, the whole plot of the book is described there, so if you intend reading it, don’t read the synopsis :o)