I did start spinning alright..

Having time off before starting my new job, and having the time to indulge in which ever hobby I wanted to, to my own amazement I found myself in a spinning frenzy! Of course partly because of my (rather implusive) decision to join in the SweaterSpin 2011 challenge, the amazing BFL/Tussah fiber Karen sent me, but also because I discovered Navajo plying and found out that it is very possible to produce fine and very regular yarns. I think the reason why spinning hadn’t caught my interest completely was that I found it difficult to spin singles that were even enough to ply them into a yarn with a regular thickness, and as I don’t really like the bulky texture of most handspun yarns I refrained from spinning a lot. I know, I know, practice makes perfect.. But I just didn’t really feel like practising.

Navajo plying (oh yes, here she goes again) helps to even any irregularities out more than an ordinary method of plying 2 singles together. So, I suddenly found my own handspun to be quite even in thickness, and, as Slavi said when he saw it: Almost resembling commercially spun yarn! The perfectionist in me loves it, and the few exceptions (not-so-perfect lengths of yarn here and there) are just my own proof that the yarn is indeed handspun. Whatcha think, am I right?

The one to the right is the first one I did, the one in the middle the second, and the one to the left the third. A total of 111,6 meters in 37 grams; that makes for an average meterage of 300m/100g.
One thing that bothers me though is that my meterage seems to go down.. The first skein has a meterage of 400m/100g, the second 300m/100g, and the third 275m/100g. That last one is very much somewhere between fingering and DK weight, and I’m not sure I like it – I just want it to be fingering all of it!

I did a little try with some 100% merino tops, the stuff I bought at Fåreavlernes Julemarked last month.

It made it to a meterage of 228m/100g, so actually DK weight. Reason: I was a bit afraid the singles would snap, because the merino is so much softer and less strong than BFL or in particular a mixture of BFL and silk. So my spinning resulted in thicker singles and thus thicker yarn.

All this must conclude in a new challenge: spinning evenly so I keep up the fingering meterage I want! 2011 is gonna be a very busy year ;o)