I dyed a gradient!

I bought some books a short while ago – about dyeing with plants and kitchen waste.

So, I got a huge bucket with coffee grounds from the kitchen at the office, and started dyeing!

I was thinking to make  a gradient on some BFL/Tussah fiber I bought a while ago. So, I cooked up a strong coffee, mixed it with some alum as a mordant, soaked the fiber, put one end in, let it simmer for half an hour, then put some more in. It didn’t really look like it worked that well, the color was very very pale!

After drying, there is a definite difference in color though:

It’s subtle, but it’s there!

I also tried dyeing some Drops BabyAlpaca Silk yarn – I had a little less than 50 grams, which I skeined and put in the dye bath with the fiber.

The color here is the same as the darkest bit of the fiber.

I’m a bit disappointed, but I guess natural dyeing is an art that needs practicing :) Next I should try some onion skins and other materials, that give off their color easier!