Usually I’m pretty quick at telling about my newest FO – this time, it has taken me a week to get some decent photos! Luckily Julie was willing to help me, being the photographer while I could play model.

I finished my Idlewood on the 1st of January, just in time to make it count as one of the sweaters in the IntSweMoDo2011.

So here it is, done in Cascade Eco Wool:

It was one of the quickest projects ever, when you consider the size. Yes, it took me 13 days – but only because I was switching a lot between projects. I bet I could’ve done it within one week without squirming!

I made some mods: I shortened the body, and I lengthened the sleeves. I really wanted to make the sleeves really long, so they kind of resembled the over sized cowl neck, but it turned out I would exactly not be able to make it with the yarn I had, and I felt it would be silly to buy another 250g skein just to use perhaps 30g for the sleeves. Turns out these 3/4 sleeves are perfect anyway, and I even have a little yarn left!

Also, I modified the stitch count on the body. As the available sizes in the pattern are 33½” and 36½”, and my size is 35″, I aimed for the exact middle of those two sizes by taking a stitch number exactly in between. Worked out perfectly, as you can see.

Wanna know more? Check my Ravelry project page :o)