At the end of last year, I wrote a blog post about joining this challenge to knit one sweater a month (in average) during 2011. I had 3 projects already on the needles at that point, and the first one was actually finished on the 1st of January 2011.

In the middle of the year I grew very very tired of the challenge, and almost discarded it. I didn’t really feel for doing any more sweaters, and any summer tops didn’t go the way I planned them.

Then the last couple of months of 2011 went on a roll! I finished 5 sweaters in 4 months, and it felt gooood! And – that means I made it :o)

So, here comes a listing:

Idlewood-hood (finished Jan 1, 2011)

Bottom of the sea (finished Jan 20, 2011)

Betty Draper’s cardi (finished Feb 18, 2011)

Hemlock-something (finished April 11, 2011)

Velvet Stone (finished May 12, 2011)

Black Feathers (finished June 21, 2011)

Vitamin C (finished July 6, 2011)

Avalon, here I come! (finished Sept 6, 2011)

Dark feathers for a shiny dress (finished Oct 7, 2011)

Possum Almond (finished Nov 24, 2011)

iA (finished Dec 3, 2011)

v e r s i o (finished Dec 19, 2011)

The whole lot – including sweaters started but never finished – is to see on my project listing on Rav.


During the whole of January, I didn’t have any sweaters on the needles. I’m not sure I’m going to join this year’s challenge either. Let’s say that we’ll see, right?