iPod Nano cozy 3

Just released: the 3rd part of my iPod Nano cozy design: Twisted stitches!



This design features stitches that are twisted, to form a “chain” of stitches which wraps around the cozy. I have not added a pocket or anything else to keep the earphones, but you can feel free to add a cord like on the Stranded Skyline cozy or something else. The pattern feaures a chart for the twisted stitches pattern, and a very detailed description of how to work them.

When you have gotten used to the twisting of the stitches, you can vary it like you want, crisscrossing them or doing zig-zag patterns. It’s all up to you!

This pattern is great to show off that bit of handpainted fingering weight yarn you have left. It shows the color pattern painted by the yarn, and at the same time adds an interesting twist to a “boring” stockinette background.

You can see and download the pattern on Ravelry or download it directly (no Ravelry membership needed).