In Denmark there are many traditions around Christmas. One of them is pakkeleg – the “presents game”. The game is pretty simple: You gather a bunch of people, everyone brings an amount of little presents (at least one), and then there is a game where the presents are divided.

There are many different rule sets for this game, but here I will outline the one we used today:
There are some dices going around, and everyone is allowed to hit once before passing it on. Every time you hit a 6’er, you are allowed to take a present. As soon as all presents have been divided, someone sets an alarm for an amount of time that only the one setting the alarm knows. Then the game continues, only now when you hit a 6’er you get to snatch a gift from someone else! Of course the goal is to have as many gifts as you can gather when the alarm goes off. At that point, you are allowed to unwrap.

Today, a large portion of the Copenhagen Knitters (on Ravelry) gathered to have a knitting afternoon and play this game – all packages containing yarn! Everyone brought at least 4 packages, but many brought many more. So, the pile of pressies was huge!

The game was so much fun, everyone running around with excitement, looking for the most interesting packages..

And lots of yarn to bring home! This was my loot:

Some cotton, some wool, some alpaca, some silk and some sock yarn. What a variety! I am pretty satisfied :o)

If you want to see more pictures of our afternoon, you can see them in my Picasa album here.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the table with goodies. People had been baking and brought a lot of other good stuff – as usual, there was far too much! But here is a picture of the apple pie I baked, which I took before I left home:

It was a great success. But then again, there must be a reason why my mom keeps using this recipe again and again! It was my first time baking this cake, but it won’t be the last. And now I will eat the very last piece of it for dinner!