KnitPicks case tutorial

With the recent additions to my KnitPicks set, I very much wanted a case to have it all in. Instead of buying one of those very expensive plastic cases, I decided to make my own!

So here comes a step-by-step tutorial, if you want to copy my new treasure chest (click on the pictures to see a larger version):

1. Materials you need:

  • 1 piece of fabric for the outside, 50×22 cm
  • 1 piece of fabric for the lining, 50×22 cm
  • 2 pieces of fabric for pockets, 15×22 cm each
  • 1 zipper, 15cm long
  • 2 pieces of stretch band, about 22 cm long each
  • 2 small snap fasteners
  • thread in the color you want

If you like you can use ordinary buttons, then you will just need to make buttonholes. Snap fasteners are much easier :o)

Prepare all pieces so they are ready to be sewn together.

2. Pin the zipper on one of the pocket pieces of fabric. You want it on the long side of the fabric (the 22cm side), and you lay it with the right side against the right side of the fabric.
3. To sew the pocket on the lining, sew on the zipper (right side to right side) on the 50x22cm piece so that there is 16,5 cm from the center of the zipper to the end of the piece of lining.
4. Turn the pocket around so that the right side of the fabric faces up – tuck in the sides of the zipper and be sure to include them when sewing the sides and bottom of the pocket.
5. This is how it should look by now:
6. Now you prepare the other pocket: fold down the top and the sides, so that you can make a nice seam at the top. Sew that one.
7. Pin down the pocket on the lining, on the opposite side of the pocket with the zipper, wrong side facing up. Sew the bottom line of the pocket, fold it so the right side faces up and sew along the sides.
8. Place the elastic bands on the middle section of the lining.
9. Sew the elastic bands in several places, but be sure to leave space enough for the KnitPicks needles to fit! You can either make a section for each needle, or a section for a set of needles. Don’t make the sections too long, as you want the needles to stay put.
10. Now place the lining on the fabric for the outer side – right side against right side. Sew 3 of the sides, leaving one of the short ones open.
11. Turn the right side out!
12. Now carefully sew the last seam.

Sew snap fasteners on 2 of the corners on the lining and on the corresponding place on the outer fabric, so the case can be closed.

13. Now fill up you case with all your goodies!
14. .. and you’re ready to bring your KnitPicks set everywhere!