Knitting a Knitting Needle Knitting Bag

My fingers have been itching, itching I tell you, to cast on this project! Ever since I saw a version of the bag on Ravelry, I have been thinking I just had to have it. And all the different versions that are to be found on Ravelry didn’t make it less amazing. I do not really have a knitting bag, you see, so I really need it!!

A couple of days ago I bought the most wonderful blue-teal-ish yarn and some knitting needles for the handles. I’m not sure the ones I found (6,5mm in blue aluminium) are sturdy enough for a project like this, but we’ll see. They are very nice and go well with the yarn! If they don’t do the job, Slavi also gave me some 12mm bamboo ones I can use.

I also ordered some KP needle tips from my favorite knitting needle pusher in the UK, as a project with yarn this bulky needs needles that are a size bigger than the largest ones I have. Now I am just waiting very (im)patiently for them to arrive :o)

AND, I found some fabric for the lining! Actually I found 2 kinds of fabric, but as I got the one for about half the price, I allowed myself to buy both. Then I can decide which one to use when time comes – or perhaps I’ll use both! ;o)

I have a lot of mods in mind for this pattern. I don’t really find the berry stitch perfect for this type of bag, so I am thinking about some cablework and such. I’ll probably just make it up as I go.. Also, I want the bag to have a flat bottom, so there is a defined bottom of some sort. I’ve been calculating and figuring that out as well, and I think I’m ready to begin :o)

The color of the yarn is more green than the picture shows, just for the record. It’s kind of a blue-turquoise-greenish color that reminds me of a quiet lake.
Can I wait until those needles arrive? Perhaps I’ll give it a darn and cast on with half a size smaller than I’m supposed to..