Knitting limbo

For some days, I have had the strangest sensation: I didn’t want to knit anything! Really, NOTHING! The only thing I wanted to work on is the thing I am not supposed to work on, as I don’t have enough yarn and have to wait for extra yarn to arrive, so I can alternate the skeins to make it look alright on the remainder of the garment.

I could do some sewing, and I have done some sewing, but it is a weird feeling, having knitted almost non-stop for the past 1½ years, and then not really wanting to knit anything at all.

What to do?

My Lisbeth threw an idea at me: another Camomille, mindless knitting with yummie yarn and a yummie result. I have already made two of these: the first was given away as a birthday present, the second has been my favorite shawl ever since I finished it. As I lend it to a friend a couple of days ago and haven’t retrieved it yet, I kind of missed it – so a third one can be no less than a success, right?

So we discussed yarns, and I ended up choosing to use Garnstudio’s Drops BabyAlpaca Silk, with Posh Yarn Pamela with sparkles as the “additional” yarn on the chunky rows. I wasn’t sure it would work out, so I just gave it a try. But it is going to be gorgeous. The colors pop, this shawl is going to be brighter than bright – and I have decided I can wear it!! Let’s just hope I’m right..

This is the very first pattern that I have repeated – and not just once, I am actually repeating it again! I know a lot of other knitters have (see this huge Camomille gallery on Rav! Not as huge as many international project galleries, but keep in mind that these are mainly Danish knitters, and many of them have made several versions!), and usually I hate doing the same as everyone else.. But in this case I’m hooked. Sorry – it’s just too tempting!

The best thing: Knitting mojo’s back. I think it was hiding in a sparkly Camomille.