Knitting status

One of the reasons why I’ve been too busy to blog is the knitting! I have been meeting a lot of other knitters lately. Last week, I was knitting in the garden (kolonihave) of one of my regular knitting buddies, Mette:

And, I’ve been meeting Slavi and Nanna for a little knit once in a while, and last Thursday I was at a knitting evening and mini workshop with Bente Geil (Geilsk), at Bette Design, our fave LYS at the moment. No pics from there, I decided not to bring my cam..

But, some pics from the WIPs I am currently working on:

The Lavendula, or Velvet Stone, as I call it (it is soft, and it has a granite color):

I just joined the sleeves and the body. Now, only 15cm more to go.. :o/ On HUGE rounds! I’m not sure I will have it finished soon, I have gotten kind of tired of the stitch pattern by now.

My shawl, Pink Diamonds, with Jocelyn‘s yummie hand dyed lace yarn:

I have gotten further than just this, just for the record. But now I have reached the point where I hate the purl rows (forgot about that on lace shawls!), so it’s also going slow..

The project which is going fastest at the moment is a test knit for Emily Johnson, the Blakeslee Tee:

This is one fun project! I started out with a very variegated yarn, which made the slipped-stitch pattern disappear. So, I unraveled most of my work again and started over with some less variegated stuff, and I think it looks stunning! The cast on edge is still in the old yarn, I guess I will change that later, let’s see.

A detailed shot of the stitch pattern:

Yummie, huh? I love the way Emily has incorporated the increases, so that they fit in the stitch pattern along the way. I’m almost at the point where I get to put stitches on hold for the sleeves, I am so excited, I want to wear this as soon as possible!

Oh yes, yarn used: Malabrigo Yarn Sock, colorway: Impressionist Sky, and Araucania Ranco Multy, colorway: 337. The first one is a skein I bought in Dubai and wound to a ball using Hala’s swift and winder (or more correct, Hala wound it for me!), and the other one is a skein Nanna brought home from Paris and wasn’t sure whether she really liked. Thanks for wanting to swap with me, Nanna – without you I could never have made this interesting color combo!