Knitting with a deadline

There are some knitting projects that I don’t even start, because the pattern simply looks too boring for me. One of those is the Camomille shawl, which many of my friends have knitted by now, and which looks amazing – I want one! – but which also looks like so boring a knit that I thought I couldn’t be bothered.

Then suddenly I got the idea to give a shawl like this to my dad’s girlfriend, whose birthday was Sunday. The idea came to me just before I was to deliver a knitted present to one of my dear friends (I’ll blog about that as soon as I get some proper photos!), which was less than a week ago – so, I needed to get on with it!

I cast on immediately, and worked “hard”; that is, I worked on nothing else than this shawl. It turned out not to be so boring – if there’s a deadline, it’s much easier to get yourself to keep on! Along the way I have gotten even more happy about it, it looks so yummie. I need one for myself!

Yarn: Holst Supersoft, color: Tobacco. On 6mm & 5mm needles, using 1 and 2 strands. The shawl weighs a little more than 100 grams on total, really!

See my Ravelry project page here.

P.S. I have actually already cast on another one ;o)