Macarons aka kandidatkage

The first macarons I made were only a test – since then, I have found more ground almonds and I started a slightly bigger project.
I wanted to bring macarons to work, instead of the usual layered cake or chocolate cake or such.

When I was baking the things, I accidentally poured twice the amount of water in the mixture – so the only way it could be saved was by doubling all ingredients!

Result: twice as many macarons as intended..
Luckily that didn’t matter, there is only a bare minimum left after presenting them to my colleagues and two of my girls the same evening.

I had some black food coloring, so I wanted to make some black ones for a coffee filling. Those turned out more purple than black! But still, they were gooooood. The filling was basically a butter cream (using about 125 grams of butter), whipped with sugar and 3 (!) espressos from my Gaggia:

The pink ones, which really should’ve been red (how do those colors always seem to do something else than you want?), got a raspberry and red currants filling with a bit of cream and some white chocolate.

The green ones got a lime filling – an egg yolk based cream with lime juice and some white chocolate for the texture.

I also made some blue ones, but those never made it to the office. They got a chocolate ganache filling, but were so fragile that they scattered when just looking at them!

They were all much less than perfect. It is evident that I was working with large quantities and that the process wasn’t the same for all of them – the best ones were actually the red, they got the most perfect surface. The blue ones were completely flat and fragile, due to too long waiting before mixing the two different kinds of batter.

But they were good!

Definitely a thing to do again – next time perhaps just in the normal quantity stated in the recipe. I’ve got lots of ground almonds left..