Making an Iced Latte

It’s kinda hot in Denmark at the moment… And I discovered that with all my coffee making gadgets, making iced coffee is soooo easy!

I know I could just use a shot of espresso (after all, I LOVE my espresso machine), but I recently bought an Aeropress, which is also fantastic to use  for this kind of drink. The Aeropress was bought because it makes coffee almost resembling an espresso (in my opinion – others might differ here!), and it’s smaller than an espresso machine and can be brought along on a trip. Handy!

I made a little video of how I’m making an iced latte using my Aeropress:

What you need:

  • Syrup or sugar
  • One shot of coffee (espresso or one Aeropress shot)
  • Ice
  • Cold milk

The 4 steps, outlined here:

  1. Pour syrup in glass (or sugar, if you don’t have any syrup. It takes more than you think to make a good sweetness though, about double up of what you usually put in your coffee!)
  2. Add coffee shot, stir well to dissolve the syrup
  3. Add ice – just enough to make the coffee cool off
  4. Add cold milk and a straw

It’s easy – and tastes fabulous! Nothing better than this to cool you off on a warm summer day ;)