Making sushi

The girls were coming to my place, just to have a chat and dinner, and I decided we could make sushi. Pretty ambitious, I know, but I just felt like sushi!

So, sushi it was – some with fish, but not many, and a lot of veggie-sushi. We decided that the taste of sushi actually had nothing to do with the fish, the veggie sushi tasted just like the fish one. But then again, it could be us, not being used to eat sushi all the time..

I had said that I thought Strongbow would be the perfect drink for sushi, as I don’t really like beer and Strongbow is as close as you get, I think. Regretting that I have not yet found Strongbow anywhere in the Danish shops, Randi told me that they actually had Strongbow in Døgnnetto at the moment! And yes! It looks like they have it as a regular one, right next to the Swedish ciders. Hurray! Now, Døgnnetto is to blame if I become a semi-alcoholic..

If you want to see more sushi-pictures, you can see the album on my Picasa web albums.