Mally, honey?

A couple of weeks ago I finished my Koolhaas in Malabrigo Amoroso. Originally I wanted it to match my Rainbow scarf, but when I was done and had half a skein of the Mally left, I got inspired by some of the Amiras in Dubai to make the Honey Cowl from Madelinetosh. Half a skein of Mally not being enough, I bought a skein of Mally Vermillion, a bright red, to complement the Amoroso left overs – and, when I was almost done, I decided to get another skein of Amoroso, just to make it bigger and warmer! The cold weather at the moment, featuring lots of snow (hurray!), made me think a cowl of 22,5 cm in width wasn’t big enough. So I ended up with almost 30 cm instead – very snuggly and with endless possibilities. With a circumference of about 140 cm it easily fits around the neck twice, and can be used as a hoodie also.

This project has been finished a week or so ago. I just haven’t gotten to blogging about it, due to having to finish my thesis and such – but here we go, the most wonderful soft and warm winter accessory that will ever exist!

Being the easiest of easy projects, I actually made a lot of mistakes along the way, just because I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. But it doesn’t matter that much. It was a fine project to bring along in the bus on my way to the University to work on the thesis-thing.

The Ravelry project page shows more details, if you wanna know more.