My love for notebooks – & why I always need more

I have always loved paper of all sorts. I guess being raised in a creative environment (and going to a school that enforced creativity in all subjects) and always getting positive feedback on creativity helps with that.

I have always collected paper and notebooks, and never been able to keep up with using them. When I’m in a store where they sell notebooks, I have to keep myself from buying them. I have started thinking whether I really need this one – am I “allowed” to buy another one? I’ve started giving myself permission to buy one notebook – if I encounter a nice one – every time I travel. Which is – haha – quite often!

Result: I have a little stack of notebooks that are still blank, waiting for me to start using them.


Mind you, the stack in the photo is not of all my notebooks (and also, they’re not all blank). You see, I also tend to forget where I leave them, which means I always need a new one :D
I’m not sure that approach is very good, as it means that I’m currently searching for my favorite notebook (a very pretty one of the brand Paperblanks, I even showed it on the blog a very long time ago), of which location I have no idea… It might just be hiding somewhere in a knitting project bag, as I’ve used it for writing notes on knitting designs.

One of the reasons why I might not be able to find it, is that I haven’t used it for months. Yes, you read that right. It’s not that I haven’t been writing notes during that time, I have just started using other tools!

Which brings me to a dilemma:
Instead of dragging a notebook around, I’ve started using Evernote for pattern note writing. I was thinking that I have my phone on me all the time, so why not do the note taking there? The added handiness is that when I need to write up the pattern for real, I can just copy/paste the notes over instead of having to type it all in. And it takes automatic backups as well.
As I’m very fond of everything digital as well, it is the perfect solution for me. Even though I then don’t use my beloved notebooks. Apart from…. Sketching! If I need to draw something, I need pencil & paper!

Which brings me to dilemma #2:
In December last year, I bought an iPad mini. I’ve been thinking for a long while that I don’t need an extra gadget (haha – who am I kidding?), but as I like reading e-books, an iPad is handy as I can also use it for browsing the web, writing Evernote notes (which get synchronized with the ones on my phone), etc.
But not, as I thought, for drawing/sketching on.

Until… I saw an app which made me curious, it was discounted, and I bought it.

The Noteshelf app makes it possible to sketch and draw and all kinds of stuff. Gah… It even works for me! And it integrates with Evernote, when needed…
I started off using my fat fingers, which didn’t give much accuracy, so I bought a cheap stylus. Which gives more accuracy, though it isn’t entirely perfect yet… I guess that would require some practice, and/or a more expensive stylus with a smaller tip!

Notebooks on iPad

What’s worse – the iPad app actually gives me the opportunity to use colors and different tips, and I can erase everything easily if needed (even the colored bits, yes).

I’m at a loss here. Even though I still love my pencil & paper (and my notebooks!), I can see that I might not be using them much going forward. Will they just become eye candy on the bookshelf then?