MYB swap Fall 2010

Once more I have organised a Magic Yarn Ball swap. Friday I got to pick up the swap package from Karen at the post office, and I couldn’t wait to open it! I did open the other swap package I got first though, as I knew the MYB would require a bit more work, unwinding the MYB itself..

After I had unpacked the Amiras Secret Swap package from Lindsay, I got to the box from Karen. Opening the box revealed a lot of goodies already:

Some yummie fiber, hand painted 75% Blue Faced Leicester / 25% Tussah Silk from Karen’s friend Yarn Hollow in the US, which I got in exchange for sending Karen some balls of Drops Muskat she wanted but couldn’t get hold of in Spain. Inside she had tucked 3 little jars of locally produced honey, so cute, and all with a different taste.

Under the yarn ball itself was a big package of turrón, the hard nougat with almonds that is pretty typical for southern Europe. And I love it, it’s one of my favorite kinds of candy – which is hard to get hold of in Denmark, and I have never managed at making it myself (beside one very bad experiment).

Well, I started unwrapping the MYB. As you can see in the picture, there was already a wooden honey-thingy sticking out – for the honey, of course! The first wrapping portion revealed the label of the yarn: a nice merino/bamboo/nylon blend in fingering weight, also from Yarn Hollow, so also dyed by hand. It’s name is Squish, and it really is squishy, and has a lovely shine to it.

In the end, more things revealed themselves: A chocolate mixture for a drinking chocolate (to be mixed with milk), a lovely little Spanish plate and a CD with interesting recipes and some knitting patterns.

What a catch! Karen spoiled me – and unwrapping that MYB was, as always, really fun. I’m of course already chomping away on the turrón, looking through patterns, cuddling the yarn and fiber, and I will be trying the chocolate mixture and honey soon. I’m sure to be the most spoiled brat in Copenhagen this weekend!