Not quite ripe tomatoes?

I have always thought of tomatoes as being very red. But when you buy tomatoes in a country like Denmark, they are most often a kind of dark orange, as they most often still need to mature a bit.

And have you ever noticed that when making tomato sauce or soup from scratch, perhaps using a can of peeled or chopped tomatoes, the result is more orange-y than red? Especially if you blend your soup or sauce..

Yesterday I found out that Madelinetosh have actually been very accurate in their naming of the Tomato colorway. I went by Slavi, who had just received a delivery of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock – you know I’m curious! We spread all the yummie skeins on the floor and admired them for at least half an hour. It was like Maddy heaven!

This is what that looks like:

Well, of course I couldn’t go home without bringing a little something – so I went for a color I have rarely ever been interested in: the orange-y Tomato! I was thinking a lot about it, considering this, considering that.. But I decided that a pair of socks or such could be amazing in this color. A bit of a color challenge, let’s see what I make of it :o)